What is Ytard?


Often written /y/tard, denotes an inhabitant of 4chan's Yoaiimageboard (known as /y/). Not to be considered part of 4chan's population en mas, ytards can be both men and women, of varying sexual preference. Unless you post tits or furriesytards are a friendly and understanding bunch.

Woman: "What does that gayguy mean by 'I'm a ytard'?"

Man: "Oh, either that he likes Bishonen/ Baraor that he is a proud queer from 4chan"

Woman: " 4chan, like the asshole of the internet where all the trolls are?"

Man: "Yes but they are nice people, the only trolls are raiders from /b/and.. naked WoW ones."

Woman: "...that sounds pretty hot."

See bara, bishonen, yoai


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