What is Y-town?


Youngstown, OH. Also known as Yompton, the Valley, and the ass-end of hell. High ghetto population. Home to Youngstown State University (affectionately known as You Screwed Up). Poverty stricken, crime ridden and pestilent, y-town's motto has become "Youngstown, OH: because you've gotta live somewhere."

Downtown Y-town smells like roadkill on a hot summer day.

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Ypsilanti, Michigan. The ghettoest place on Earth. Has a perpetual odor of marijuana. Approx. 31.03 miles from Hell.

Y-Town is really fucking ghetto.


Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Population: Approximatley 23,000

The realest place in the whole state, without a doubt. If you even question that it is, fuck you.

Y-Town, bitch!

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