What is Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged?


A hilarious parody of the show Yu Yu Hakusho. Created by the talented voice actor Lanipator. Although episodes are few, they contain hilarious jokes: such as Kuwubara's "I'm not gay!" "nobody cares about Chinpo" , the Neighborhood Watch Comity, and more! One of the top abridged shows in my opinion and hopefully Lanipator will get back to making episodes...

"Um sir what are you on?" --Blue Ogre

"I don't even know anymore dude." Koenma

"So what do you have in that bag. I mean it had to be important.."


*checks bag*

"Aaah! You crazy bitch! --Kuwubara

"Don't worry Yusuke. I'm sure she had a good reason for doing that." --Botan

"Call me old will he!" --Genkai

"Littlekuriboh is so funny!"

"Man, he is overrated... you should watch Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged!"

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