What is Yuck?


something gross

That dirty sock pile is a big yuck.


i. The phrase "yuck it up" was a way of mimicking laughter in '60s theatrical jargon. It was also used to describe the sound of laughing at comedy shows.

ii. A decade later, yuck became an expression of distaste or disgust, maybe due to the vulgarity of the jokes in the aforementioned comedy clubs.

Note: can also be used in adjective form, i.e., yucky

See also blech, ick, icky, ack, yech, blech, blah, bleh, yucky, hyuck& ew

i. Get ready to yuck it up, folks, it's Dan Ahdoot!

ii. Mr Wilson: Yuck! Who put this dead fly and clear, whitish fluid in my goddamn soup?! Dennnnis!!

See blech, ick, icky, ack, blah, bleh, ew, yuck it up, hyuck


Derogatory term for a white person; or proper term for a racist white person.

Normally I don't fight fire with fire but I found this one to cut reasonably deep.

Boy what be's you think you's doing up in this here seat?

--Can it Yuck.

See cracker, honkey, whitey, racism, paleface


Formerly used as an onomatopoetic expression to describe the sound of laughter in '60s theatrical jargon.

A decade later was used as an expression of distaste, disgust, or revulsion by people who attended comedy clubs, probably due to the disgusting nature of the jokes told in a more vulgarity-tolerant society. Can also be used in its adjective form, yucky.

see also: blech, ew, yucky, ick, icky

Yuck-yuck, you make me laugh with your silly antics sometimes, Bob.

Yuck! There's a freakin' fly in my soup!

See laughter, ha, hah, haha, he, heh, hehe, disgusting, ew, blech, ack


A term for someone who is unpopular and UGLY. Someone or a group of people who you wouldnt want to assosiate yourself with. Usually are greasy nasty creepy .

"Ew, Look at the yucks over there"

"Dont talk to him! Hes a yuck!"

See ugly, creepy, loser, freak, nast


blow, yayo, cocaine. Also Yuckmouth (a side effect of doin some blow)

Me and Jamal were bored so we went and picked up a gram of that yuck

See scott


1. (v) to vomit, barf, blow chunks, toss out last night's salsa

2. (v) a normal male's response after meatin' the skin taco or shakin' the tree

3. (n) the visible, often messy product of either the above actions

1) I just yucked in the barf bucket in the basement.

2) I pulled out and yucked all over the bed.

3) Get that yuck outta here, I'm tryin' to eat.


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