What is Yuffentine?


A term for the non-cannon pairing between Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi on the Playstation game Final Fantasy VII. Originally, though I've always liked it, it wasn't very well liked, but with the arrival of Dirge of Cerberus, it's becoming increasingly popular, so may I be the first to say 'w00t'. They're just so gosh darned cute.

Charlotte: Hey man, I just finished my Yuffentine Fanfiction!

Lindsey: Well I'm still doing my Yuffentine fanart!

Ceri: Wow, I love making Yuffentine fan creations!

Robin: Man, I just love Yuffentine!

Rachel: No WAi d00dS!!1! U r SuCH n00bS!!!11 CId aNd VINcenT are SOOOO MeaNT 2 b 2getHA!!!!1!!!

*Charlotte, Lindsey, Ceri and Robin maul Rachel*

Philippa: And THAT, folks, is the way it's meant to be. Oh, and y'know, Yuffentines are good and such.

See final fantasy


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