Yule Log

What is Yule Log?


the huge dump that one takes during the holidays because one eats way too much

#1: i need to use the bathroom, excuse me.

#2: i wouldn't go in there, i just dropped a yule log bomb...

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one definition may be: The first large defecation on or around Christmas that occurs when the following conditions are met 1. in a state of euphoria from various ingested substances 2. large quantities of heavy food have been consumed 3. on Christmas vacation 4. great sense of relief and renewed optimism follow the event

Tidings and joy everyone, I have broken out the yule log, let's rejoice!

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A shit log that is encrusted with undigested green vegetable matter interspersed with blood clots from hemorrhoids.

Man, I have to stop eating so much broccoli with cheese. I was bunged up for days until I finally gave birth to a yule log.

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n.- A thick, frozen feces stick, made by taking a large, gooey turd, wrapping it in plastic wrap, and placing in the freezer. The yule log is, when hardened by freezing, employed in masturbation.

I saw your mom lick the yule log last nite after she stick it in her coocheroo.


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