What is Yungun?


The best freestyle rapper in Africa.Born Yves Narnor,Yungun(Reefers) aka Da Synista got his fame from battling emcees in high school.He could probably murder jin in a freestyle battle!

Presenter: The African best freestyle(ABF) award goes to.....


Presenter:Yeah! Yungun Reefers is the ABF emcee!


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A French-born Ghanaian street rapper who led a thug life since 4.born in France (Western Paris) but ended in the streets of Tema-Ghana.Introducing hip-hop to his folks,he became renowned and obtained street cred.He is one of the best emcees in ghana(Africa).Yungun Reefers aka Da Synista.

GunSalute: Dawg, heard of the illest emcee from the crew "Psycho"?.

Jay Weezy:Yup, Yungun huh? that nigga raps tight! He's really a young gun- 17 years mann!

GunSalute:Check out his freestyles;

"yo im dope call me Yungun Reefers,

that was just to prove i flow better than rivers,

rep tiles admit i spit better than cobras,

livin' life as thug got more tats than zebras"

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a term used to describe one of your homies, usually younger in age.

K: What up yungun?

M: Kickin it.

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