What is Yup?


Yup is a generic term of agreement issued often by a non-listening party, typically used while performing an additional important task, such as watching tv.

If you are the yupper, by yupping someone, you are not bound in any sense by your agreement, since you didn't hear what it was you were agreeing to. If you are later asked to perform the task, you then have the option to admit that you had yupped the person and ignore the task, or pretend that you had really listened & just go along with the yuppee.

If you are the yuppee, and you recognize that you are being yupped, you can call the yupper's actions & state "you're yupping me" or "I'm being yupped", whereupon the yupper may admit the yupping action and feel mild embarrassment, but there will be no permanent damage.

yupping, being yupped, yupper, yuppee are all derived from the root 'yup'

Woman: Oh I got some great shoes at the mall, do you like them dear?

Man (watching tv): yup

Woman: so we're going to go back later, are you coming with us?

Man (watching tv): : yup

*2 hours later*

Woman: ok, let's go

Man: where?

Woman: to the mall? you said you'd come with me later?

Man - option 1: oh, I was just yupping you, I'm staying here

Man - option 2: yea that's right, let me grab my coat


Synonym for yes, yeah, etc.

"Wanna go to the movies?"



Used as a light hearted and goofy way of saying yep or yes.

Guy 1: Did you see that movie last night?

Guy 2: Yup, was good (Y)

See yep, yes, yip, yop, yew


a response meaning yes.

a conversation filler, usually ending the conversation

person:so i went to the mall yesterday

other person: yup

Person signed off at 7:45PM

See yup, yes, uh huh, i know


Used normally when something doesn't go the way you want it to, and it is normally used by skaters.

someone yells get out, you say yup

You: get out of the bowl!

Person: no

You: Yup!

See yup, yep, no, why, yes


Young Urban Professional

You are a yup is you'r under 35, living in a big city such as NY, Paris, Rome, Montreal, Madrid, Milano and you are working in your first professional job. The job you studied to get.

You possibly own a condo or rent a nice appartment, you go out, you work... you take public transports, you travel...

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(forest of dean) a flock or large amount of something

any fit women about? Yes, there's a yup of em in the next pub.

See lots, loads, many, plethora


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