Yuppie Vanity Show

What is Yuppie Vanity Show?


A TV show or movie designed to cater to yuppies or yuppie wannabes that may still be in elementary school, secondary school or college.

The lead character and their significant other, if around, usually have very successful, professional careers, usually as a doctor, lawyer or important company or government official.

Usually, not always, the lead is depicted as achieved an astronomical amount right at the beginning of their careers. In Damages on FX, Ellen has graduated from law school and has numerous six-figure offers from law firms. She soon takes on a major multi-million dollar class action lawsuit and gets $2 million in bonuses after the case is settled. Most law graduates are lucky to get a paralegal job.

These shows are propaganda for universities who want their students to believe years of school will pay off with lucrative salaries and important careers. Some teens and twenty-somethings will religiously watch these shows under the impression it depicts the career field they are trying to get into.

Most of these shows are the projections of writers who failed to become all these things in life.

Damages, Grey's Anatomy, ER and The Sum of All Fears are examples of yuppie vanity shows.

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