What is Yusuke?


Operating under alternative codenames like Julio, Perverted old man, and Walking penis wrinkle, the Yusuke is a cross between a yugioh playing card and an abused pokemon. The Yusuke has a peculiar affinity for sticking it's peers into random video games. The Yusuke resembles the tomonori in a couple ways, but mainly differentiates itself because it maintains what looks like a functioning brain. Yusukes never make any sense, ever, so don't try to decipher wat they say, just go on.

Person : Damn perverted old man.

Yusuke : shut up! .... what?

Person : you dropped your trading card...Julio.

Yusuke : shut up! ... thanks.

Person : Let me steal your lunch.

Yusuke : shut up charmander!

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