What is Yut?


1. a motivational word used in the U.S. Military, similar to the word oorah - often used when one is either too lazy or not motivated enough to say oorah or other popular word of motivation.

2. used when in a large group of military members. When they shout a motivational term on cue, some may shout "YUT!" instead, and often in a sharp, awkward voice, just to stand out.

When the Master Sergeant tells a lower-ranking Marine to complete a task, one who is new would likely shout "oorah!" to sound motivated. But a Marine who has been in longer may likely shout "Yut!" instead to show his motivation.

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The area between the testicles and anus on male bipeds.

Commonly known as perineum, taint, chode, or sandbar.

My girlfriend's pussy gets so wet while she's on top, it drips down into my yut.

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its the space between a man's balls and anus.

As she was toungueing my balls,her saliva dripped down to my yut"


To command to stop performing an annoying action.

"Do you hear that annoying singer on the corner?"


See shut up, stop, cease


New England origins > Vermont > Maine : loggers > fishermen > prospectors > hermits > etc.

A slang word used as a substitute for "yes" or "ok". Also a form of expression during extreme pleasure or agreeince. Commonly used by Appalacian Americans. Southern influences have added an "s" sound to the end, making it "YUTssss". The "s" fading out in the end. This form can be used continuosly throughout a conversation or while mumbling or talking to oneself.

After fellin a wicked big Oak, Guy threw down his chainsaw and spit out his chew, screaming in authentic prospector gibberish, "AYYYYYYYYYY-YUT!!!!"

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a slang word used to say yes when your high with your homies.

yo you guys wanna get some grub? Yut.

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Derogative slang for a native American.

Did you see all those yuts when were were at the casino? Of course the place was full of yuts, we were on a reservation dumbass.


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