Yuusuke Urameshi

What is Yuusuke Urameshi?


See also, Yusuke Urameshi, alternate spelling.

Leading character in FUNimation's Yu Yu Hakusho, Yuusuke was a juvenile delinquent who traded his life to save a little boy in the street from a car, and in turn got a second chance from Spirit World to prove his worth.

He became the Spirit Detective of Earth, and as such was forced to fight a bunch of demons in a bunch of different situations over 100+ episodes and two movies.

In love with Keiko(also spelled 'Kayko' in english versions), best friends with KuwabaraKazuma.

Yusuke loves a good fight, is too stubborn for his own good, and somehow manages to survive, even when he has no idea what he is doing.

Kurama: "So you didn't have a plan after all. I think I'm starting to understand how you work..."

Yuusuke: "Hold on, Kurama! What's THAT supposed to mean!?"

Kurama: "I means what it sounds like..."


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