What is Yyz?


The identity code for a Toronto airport and the best song ever to be conceived by a canadian band.

The time signature is set to match 'YYZ' in morse code (-.---.----..)

Great song for jammin' to.

'Hey Cam, what do you want to jam to..'

'Uuuuuhhh... YYZ'

(taps on ride cymbal)

See Matt


1. The airport in Toronto

2.An instrumentalby Rush that begins with the morse code for YYZ. It is named after the airportin Toronto, where Rush is from

1.I was going to Toronto so I took a plane to the YYZ airport

2.YYZ is such a hard song to play!



A rather creepy sounding but immensely cool instrumental song by Canadian rock band Rush from their 1981 album, Moving Pictures.

YYZ is damn hard to play on all instruments.

See rush, your mom, instrumental, guitar, bass


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