What is Z100?


A radio station in New York City, 100.3 FM to be exact.

In her spare time she liked to listen to her favorite pop songs on z100.


Radio station in New York. Although it does overplay the same songs over and over again, it's still great because of Elvis Duran and the Z-Morning Zoo.

Did you hear this morning's Z100 phonetap?


An equally horrible MTV with no visual media. Same songs every 30 seconds, and stupid people calling in to say "Did I Win?! Oh My God I Won!"

Let me call Z-100 on my speed dial to see if I won...


Are you people stupid or something? It's a pop station. Are you guys retards? "Oh we'll just vote this def down because we like pop music and this guy is against it" seriously pop sucks and Z100 makes it suck more. AND... Clear Channelsucks and you guys shouldn't be listening to their stations.

(also for you dumbfucks out there, "AM/FM Radio, Inc." is a radio station group made by Clear Channel, so don't go saying "OMG CLEAR CHANNEL DOESN'T OWN THAT STATION!!!" Cause they do, bitch. Just look at Z100's website)

"Preps love to listen to Z100"

"If you want a better station, switch to 104.3"

See clear channel, dc101


if you really listen to this you should get shot

imma havta agree with that other guy

fuckin preps

it's also for flamers

Flamer: "Let's listen Z100, I wanna be cool and know all the popular music so I can show off and tell people that I listen to it and that I don't just listen to gayass radio to find out what's cool."

Non-flamer: "No."

See flamers, gays, fags


Various radio stations, including one in NY and one in Portland, OR.

Augh, my ears! Who changed the station to z100? *gag*


A radio station that idiots who dont know what they're doing listen to, if you listen to it, all you hear is the same crap over and over again

Person In Backseat: What's that wretched noise?

Ignorant Person who listens to B.S. music: That's the best radio station ever, Z100!!


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