What is Z3?


coolest bmw sports car


standard government approved unit of measurement used to quantify the degree of extension of an object that cannot be aptly measured in the field.

"the value of Z3 is in fact only an estimate, as even our bravest researchers cannot be persuaded to make a firsthand measurement"

See Andrea


A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, meaning:

Stick together team,

but said in normal life

z3, z3!!! wtf?


Z3, An extension of a mans penis, the bigger the car the smaller the penis, driven by wall st brokers and theives

Hey baby wanna go for a ride in my Z3,

Lady: Fuckoff and get a bigger Cock.

Ay Ay Ay, theres a Z3 in that Garden lets nick it!!

See extension


Lamest BMW Sports coupe. Miata with a new badge. suXors.

"yo did your mom get a new Z3?"

"of course not."


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