What is Za?


Really obnoxious word for pizza, that no self-respecting person uses.

Next person to call it za is getting kicked in their nis.

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Abbreviation of "pizza".

"Let's call Domino's and order up some za."


a way for lazy-ass kids with restless leg syndrome to say pizza.

yo bro, i can't get up and say pizza so i'm going to say "za".

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The only two-letter word containing the letter Z; invented by Scrabble players in order to capitalize on that letter's high point-value.

A: Ha! Look at my bingo: ZODIACS! Since the Z is on the double-letter box and the A is on the triple-word box, I get 87 points for the word, plus a fifty-point bonus for using all my tiles, giving me a total of 137 points for this turn.

B: Pshaw! I could've done it too. You just got lucky.

A: Wait a minute! I also get an additional 21 points for ZA, which raises the grand total to 158 points!

B: Egad! If I had any say in the matter, "ZA" never would have been admitted into the Scrabble dictionary! Who the heck actually uses the word?

A: I just did.

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ZA stands for Zuid Afrika. It Is dutch for South Africa. We have to use this cause Sudi Arabia clamed SA the dicks.

What is ZA??? Its South Afica cuz

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ZA is a small group of gangsters. Local to the area of south canberra (in australia). Also a part of the SSG (South Side Gansters).

'I know ZA was here, i saw some of his tags.'

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Slang word for Pizza, Used in rocky Hill, CT. Made famous by Michael Scott.

Hey bro, lets order som Za!

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