What is Zabuhaku?


Combination of the names 'Zabuza' and ' Haku', a canon-to-some/ fanon-to-others yaoi couple from the animeNaruto. Zabuza took Haku in, and raised him to be the ultimate ninja and the ultimate tool. Haku's feelings, whether you want to imply shounen-ai or not, were made glaringly obvious by his unwavering devotion to Zabuza. After all was said and done, though, they *both* really cherished one another.

'ZabuHaku' implies that Zabuza is the dominant partner (as opposed to 'HakuZabu'), but both can be used interchangeably.

ZabuHaku is hawt yaoi buttsecks, and is the most canon of all canon-y things. <3

See zabuhaku, buttsecks, buttsex, yaoi, shounen-ai, shonen-ai, shouta, shota, haku, zabuza, naruto, ninja, canon, fanon, couple, anime, love


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