Zach Condon

What is Zach Condon?


The wunderkind founder of the band, Beirut. Zach Condon is both brilliant extremely hot. Condon started producing his own music at age 15 in the Albequerque bedroom of his parents house. Since then, he dropped out of school at 16 and traveled Europe with his older brother, which was where he was introduced to music of The Konaci Orkestar and also Balkan Folk music. His first (unofficial) album The Joys of Losing Weight (which he produced under the name "Realpeople") was never released and is only available through downloads online.

Since then, the 24 year old has went on to create two full length albums, including, Gulag Orkestar and The Flying Club Cup. He has also finished three EP's: Elephant Gun,Lon Gisland, and Pompeii and in addition one double EP, March of The Zapotec & Realpeople: Holland. Condon recorded part one of the EP, March of The Zapotec, with a Mexican funeral band in Oaxaca, Mexico. He later recorded the second part in his bedroom under the moniker, "Realpeople".

Condon believes it is very important to keep the two projects, Beirut and Realpeople, seperate from each other as they have two very different sounds. Realpeople has more of a techno feel as opposed to Beirut's full brass band sound.

Condon plays countless instruments, guitar not included. When he was fourteen he broke his wrist falling of a bridge into a dry riverbed and later had surgery on it when he was seventeen. Because of this, one of his wrists is 1 & 1/2 inches shorter and, also a considerable amount less flexible than the other which makes it nearly impossible for Condon to reach his wrist around the neck of a guitar. However, Condon doesn't see this as a set back. Instead he substitutes guitar with ukelele and other instruments.

Zach Condon's Marital Status:

Sorry ladies and gents but Condon is definitely taken by Kristianna Smith. Whether he is married to her, remains uncertain but in several interviews he is wearing a gold wedding band on his left ring finger.

Person1: Zach Condon is hot, successful and has an amazing voice. I am going to marry him.

Person2: I KNOW RIGHT! Too bad he's already taken by Kristianna Smith. She's not even pretty! The Flying Club Cup was pretty amazing though!

Person1: Well, I don't know. I'm more of a Gulag Orkestar person, myself. I download The Joys of Losing Weight via Bittorrent and I'm absolutely IN LOVE with Realpeople!

Person2: Yeah! Realpeople: Holland was incredible! It's hard to believe he recorded it all in his own bedroom!

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sing/song writer of Beruit.

He who:

Lays waste to Beck and Kimya Dawson is one foul swoop.

Destroys every lullaby you were ever sung, effectively reversing your childhood from a lie.

Shits on jeff Buckley's grave

and too..

the oberst machine's muse is little more than a silverfish compared to a firefly when brought up against Zach.

Man, Zach Condon's last name is so close to condom he would never have to bring one around me.

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