What is Zach Francis Tug-of-war?


A sexual position requiring two gay or bi curious males, with each end of a rope tied to their testicles, to try to bitch slap each other in the face. The first one to fall to their knees, either from the slap or the immense strain on their nut sack, will then perform fellatio on the victor. The ejaculate from the fellatio will be saved in a jar until the completion of the act in its entirety. This process will repeat itself until one of the participants simply can not continue. The loser will then chug the contents of the jar as the victor viciously cock slaps the loser in the face. The victor will only stop cock slapping until there is a long cylindrical bruise, resembling a penis, on the face of the beaten man.

A. Oh Jesus Christ Tommy, I did this new thing with Brian last night called the Zach Francis Tug-Of-War.

B. Really Robin? I heard that the gays were doing some new age sadistic shit these days. Is that why there is a bruise in the shape of a dick on your face? Also, don't ever talk to me about your gay escapades again. For the last time, I'm not gay and I don't want to hear that shit. I aint nobody's bitch.

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