What is Zachariah?


1. (adj) A term synonymous with pure unadulterated awesomeness. When ranking with Chuck Norris or Mr. T level awesomeness is just to ridiculously impossible, it is usually safe to put it on the level of Zachariah.

2. (verb) A Hebrew name meaning "Jehovah has remembered."

1. Did you see that guy pull a Zachariah round house kickpunch? That was Zachariah!!

2. Don't worry about God not hearing your prayers, because Zachariah!

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An amazing friend, when he wants to be. Very open-mindend and extremely artistic. Probably the most interesting person you'll ever meet. Zachariahs seem like they have it all figured out, but they dont. And because they dont, they hurt other people in the process. They're great actors, that's why they can lie so easily. They usually dont care about anyone but themselves. They think life is a game, and they can play whoever they want. Zacahriahs suck you in with their charm. They're very easy to love. Then, once you fall in love, they reveal who they really are; jerks, and what you really were; nothing.

Zachariah got accepted into the artacademy!

I love Zachariah, he's my best friend.

Zachariah just threw my heartout the window, and ran over it.

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