What is Zachary?


Zachary is a Hebrew name that means The Lord Remembers.

He's also a guy I know lol.

The Lord apparently remembers Zachary.

I <3 Zachary.

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1)The most incredible guy in the world

2)Someone who will always be the arms to hold me

3)Someone who keeps his word

4)Someone who is very confident in himself but not arrogant

5)A man of integrity and respect

6)The one person who will always make me feel beautiful

7)The one who I will never get bored of talking to

8)Someone who puts his all into everything he does

9)My Best Friend in the whole world


The Most Wonderful Zachary there will ever be

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1.Has a big cock

2.Will break your heart

3.Pretty hot but not nearly as hot as the girls they date.

4cky as hell

OMG that guy is so cocky...he must be a zachary.

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A hot, tennage boy who feels like his mother wants him to kill himself and wants the rest of the world to burn in a flaming inferno.

News Anchor:"A local man set a house on fire today. He says he did it because his mother said it was all he was good at.He is currently on the run. Here is a photo of the man.".

You: "Wow, he is such a Zachary"

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