What is Zachary Jonathan Baker?


The Rhythm Guitarist For Avenged Sevenfold. He was born in Orange County, California on the 11th of December 1981. His Eyes are Green. Zacky Vengeance has a penchant for changing his hair colour quite often, bleaching his hair white and dyed purple on the top (2004). He has recently completely dyed his hair blonde.He owns a clothing line called Zacky V. Presents Many of the designs include the Vengeance University logo, or skulls along with the Est. 6661 logo.He has a dog named Ichabod C. Vengeance.His passion for music and guitar came in at quite an early age when he began teaching himself guitar on his dad's old acoustic at thirteen, He managed to learn the riffs to many of his favorite songs even though he had to play the guitar upside down due to the fact he is left handed and his father not.While still in high-school he began playing guitar for MPA, a band he and some other friends had started; the name came from a night of watching porn, hence the name Mad Porno Action. Although they played one concert in the quad at school they were unsuccessful and Vengeance was blamed for stealing all the microphones and was arrested but no charges were made.In the Avenged Sevenfold All Excess DVD, Baker talks about how he and M. Shadows formed Avenged Sevenfold. Later on Shadows goes on to say that when they all picked their stage names, Zacky adopted the stage name Zacky Vengeance because "There were a lot of people he really had a problem with back in high school."

Zachary Jonathan Baker(Zacky Vengeance) has the cutest green eyes and the greatest baby face ive ever seen i love him

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