What is Zack?


Perfect in all aspects of life. Amazingly talented and athletic beyond belief. With the "bod" of a god?

Have you seen Zack? He has the bod of a god!

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a guy witha very big dick women love to have sex with him but he makes it hard for them to walk the next day. he is hella hot and strong

girl 1- i had sex with zack last night it was great.

girl 2- how great?

girl 1- well he made me cry and i had to ice my pussy it was really hard to walk.

girl 2- i know what i'm doing tonight!

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(adj,noun) The greatest nigga alive. He is the best at everything. Everyone loves him. see also Beast or Dat Nigga

1st Girl: "Let me tell you...John was fucking me so good that when he told me to say his name I yelled out Zack."

2nd Girl: "Too bad he doesn't have a gorilla dick like the real Zack the Greatest.

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The proper way to spell "Zach." As the "-ch" ending produces a voiceless palato-alveolar affricate such as the "ch" in "Chip."

Zach is pronounced zætf

Zack is pronounced zæk

"Zack is spelled Z-A-C-K as per human linguistics."

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Is very hot, sweet, and atheltic in school sports. Has the hottest body you will ever see. Is amazingly easy to like.

Girl 1: Wow that new guy is so much like a Zack.

Girl 2: Yes definatly. I want to go talk to him.

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The greatest and most talented guy out there. He is rated M for mature so u better not mess with the zohan

Man u better stop messing with zacks friends because he is the shiz and will kill u.

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a guy with this name has a kick ass body and is good at sports. he looks like a holister model and wears disigners clothes. they seem like the kind of guy any girl wants to date. they lead girls on and have different varities of girlfriends in different cliques. hes almost like a john tucker.

did you see that new kid zack today?! he was smackin lips with that girl savannah when he was dating someone else!

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