What is Zacko?


zacko is the best person in the world. him and some pretty girl named chloie happen to be very awesome. zack has nice hair. people get sad when zack isn't around. and thats just not cool. zack smells nice. zack has a black girl booty. jump on THAT. :]

zack is amazing, zack gives chloie butterflys in her tummy when he touches her. thats nice:] chloie likes zacks kisses. those are nice too :] chloie loves zack a wholeeee lot.

zack thinks chloie is stale, but deep down he knows shes the freshest kid on da block. because, zack thinks shes super amazing.

zack thinks he loves chloie more than chloie loves him. i don't know about that one. but until someone proves it, chloie loves him more:]

hmm, zack is a really cool kid. he has pretty pants. wait no, zack has sexayy pants. everybody wants to lick them off.

i'm done here:]

omg, zacko. you're hot. lets fuckkk. i love you

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