What is Zag?


Zag or zaga means shit (in arabic)

Eat my zag!You piece of zaga

See zag, zaga, zegan


The opposite of zig. When both are found together, they become a zigzag.

The line is zig zagging all over the road.


1. The fifth cousin of Zig. Zag was the more successful in the family with Zig envying. Zag had five kids and was on his way to becoming president. However, he was assassinated by Zig.

2. To lose control and turn right.

Hey, remember that guy Zag?

Dude, you zagged.

See zig, zag, turn, right, swerve


noun: a cigarette

verb: to smoke

Safa: Want a zag?

Milo: Ya let's go zag

See zaggacino, smoke, cigarette, puff, drag


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