What is Zah?


zah is pizza... i dont know how to make this twenty letters long... its just pizza

man im going to shralb some serious zah


Zah is word that means someones energy, power and spirit. I first heard it first while traveling in Egypt from my tour guide so I think it is probably from that part of the world.

That camel doesn't have enough zah to make it to Gaza.

Muhammad Ali had a ridiculous amount of zah and courage.

See mana, energy, spirit, fight, metaphysical


ass, action, hot pussy/dick

-yo bro did you get that zah last night?

-you know it, 6 hours of it

See ass, pussy, vagina, action


A word used to replace the all famous WTF or wha?

A. i just jumped of a cliff with 3000 turkeys dancing around me

B. zah?


Slang used for a sexy girl to get your friends attention.


"Where........damn shes fine"

See Bobby


IT comes from kirra and always will

geoff apologises for stealing the definition and this word "zah" is property of kirra

A.3000 turkeys



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