What is Zal?


1) a term used for a man with unusually high pectorals;

2) a man who takes significant pride in his sideburns;

3) a man who has had a full beard since the age of 11;

4) an indian man who has more hair on his ass than most people have on their heads

5) a man who dates lesbians

6) a sadistic man who abuses the lesbians in his life

7) a man who refers to himself as AWESOME! or HELLA SICK

8) a man who makes me watch 2girls1cup against my will and holds my head in place if i try to turn away (4/14/08)

9) douchebag (see above)

me: your pecs are too high.

zal: no they aren't! they're AWESOME, just like my AWESOME sideburns!

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feeling of sitting on a hammock on an island, feeling the cool breeze over you and hearing the waves.

"Ohh man I need to kick back and zal"

"Yeah me too, it is sooo nice!"

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