What is Zamboner?


When you release your seamen upon a females back, while she is laying down or on all fours, and you use your penis to move around your seamen into a nice even layer.

Mark pulled off a zamboner yesterday when he was with that fine ass girl Helga, and I heard that she still hasn't washed it off.

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An erection that develops while, or as a result of, driving a zamboni.

While I was driving the zamboni, I had a zamboner.

It looks like he has a zamboner.

See zamboni, boner, erection, arousal, ice, hockey


This is what happens when you watch hot hockey players play hockey and you get a little excited!

Dude....I was watching the portland pirates last night and totally got a zamboner!!

See boner, erection, hockey, score, horny


Someone who stashes our hash beer check beer in the shaved ice from a Zamboni, only to have it stolen by the Zamboni operator

The Zamboner left our Hash beer in the shaved ice pile behind the rink, only to have it stolen by the Zamboni operator.

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The dude that drives that Zamboni at a hockey rink to smooth out the ice for the players.

hey, that guy really knows how to drive that zamboni, he must be a Pro Zamboner!

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The act of a man getting excited or aroused Combines the words 'zamboni' and 'boner.' First coined at a UW Badgers Men's Hockey Game.

When I saw this money hottie at the bar last night, I got a zamboner!


The act of using a boner (without the help of the hands) to drive a zamboni (as long as the erection is not the result of male enhancement pills).

Whoa, those guys really put the boner in Zamboner!!

See zamboni, boner, erection, zamboner


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