Zamboni Bitty

What is Zamboni Bitty?


skanky ass ugly girls (usually, but not only from walkers) that come to the hockey games in skirts even though it's fucking cold, hoping to spread their legs and get ass, but they never get any cause they're ugly.

Mel from Westover#1 Zamboni bittty...the list continues with Westover and Walkers girls

AOF guy 1: Hey whats the temperature in the rink?

AOF guy 2: IDK 45 degrees

AOF guy 1: hahah Check out the fugly Zamboni Bitty from Walkers in her skirt and Uggs

AOF guy 2: Wat a dumb ass

AOF guy 1: I bet i can make her suck my dick...

See bitty, whore, bitch, slut


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