What is Zangief?


Wrestler from Street Fighter the series. Has a nasty ass problem with hair growing in weird but cool shapes. Loves to stick peoples heads in his crotch and spin them around!!



He is a wrestler from Street Fight series. Zangief is a massive Russian professional wrestler. He frequentl;y competes in world-class fighting competitions, and in his spare time, wrestles bears in the vast wilderness of his homeland. He has an active dislike for fireballs, and is good firends with Metro City mayor Mike Haggar (Final Fight) who taught him his patented finishing move...the deadly spinning piledriver.

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A wrestler from Street Fighter. He comes from Russia and joined the tournament to prove that Russia (USSR at the time) is the greatest. He has two main moves: the Spinning Lariat and the Spinning Pile Driver, thus giving him the nickname "Red Cyclone". He was inspired to create the Spinning Pile Driver, his main move, when he was wrestling a bear and got caught in a tornado.

Capcom has hinted that Zangief is gay in his profile, which says he dislikes "young beautiful women". At the same time, Zangief had a heterosexual ending in Capcom Fighting Jam where he dreams of being in a hot tub with women. The majority of Street Fighter players have accepted him as being homosexual nonetheless.

Zangief possesses one of the most abusable moves in fighting game history...the deadly SPINNING PILE DRIVER!

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n. The state of arousal for a male member which is not a full on boner but is not flacid. A half-erection.

Man, that bitch that walked by so gave me a zangief.

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wrestler from the street fighter series. Around 2003-2004, Capcom issued a statement that said he was gay.

Zangief is slow, but dangerous.

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