What is Zarael?


Definition of being Zarael.

You could be Zarael if you do one or more of the following:

Going AFK for 10 minutes or more right before a boss fight.

Randomly leaving vent for no discernable reason.

Leaving for a 3 days camp to a homosexual help group without telling anyone during ulduar raid days.

DC'ing and taking an hour to log back on.

Liking only Indie music groups that noone knows about.

Being very influencable yet acting as if you have an iron will.

Being a liberal fuck.

Thinking your a better tank than you are... indefinitely.

Not flasking for your own raids when you are the MT.

Not buying raid food for yourself for your own raid when you are the MT.

Being a fail tank in general.

Having an extremely low voice.

Being homosexually repressed.


Zarael has admitted to being gay.

Zarael is bad.

Zarael lives in Elizabeth Town, Kentucky.

Zarael's gay lover is phalangies.

Zarael wishes Switch was gay so they could have sex.

Zarael trys but fails to repress his homosexuality.

Zarael thinks hes a good tank.

Zarael has tried to quit WoW before but failed.

Zarael should NEVER be left in charge of a guild.

Zarael should NEVER be in charge of the raid.

Zarael does not have a flying mount because not only is he stupid, he is lazy.

"Wow he just pulled a Zarael"

"lol this guy is Zarael"

"omfg zarael...."

"Alright lets pull now we finally cleared trash.... *ready check*........ ffs zarael.

See bad, indie, tank, sex, homosexual, modest mouse


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