What is Zazz?


A quantifiable amount of something special. The higher the amount the more likely it is to be successful and awesome.

Dethklok are the only ones who know how much Zazz is required.

Murderface: "I just think it could use more zazz... I'm just saying."

Nathan: "Yeh... More zazz."

Toki: "You needs to zazz's its ups a bits!"


Pickles: "... zazz."

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the essence of extreme coolness

It could use alot more zazz

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Short for pizzazz. Spelling can thus also be preceded by an apostrophe: 'zazz.

Get some aquanet and a teasing comb--that wig needs a little more zazz.

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1. The highest level of Flyness that one can possess.

Those guys have a lot of Zazz

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1) The best drink in the world. 2) The greatest tasting beverage with zero calories. 3) The most economical drink in the universe.

1) Damm that Zazz is delicious.

2) I can afford a BMW cause I stopped buying coke and started buying Zazz.

3) That Mandarin Orange Zazz is the Zazz

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The essence of the new US television show, 'The Phone'.

"It's so obvious...This show is full of Zazz!"

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1.) Inspiration; motivation; reason for doing something; something President George W. Bush would never use in either his every-day speech or an official one.

1.) "Ok, osama, I have an idea, if we zazz up our followers and make them think that they'll get 70 virgins, we could probably get them to do what we want."

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