What is Z-bo?


nickname of Zach Randolph, current Clippers non-savior.

"Imagine being trapped in one of those big hospital elevators with eight other people. One of them pulls his pants down and just starts going to the bathroom -- not No. 1 but No. 2. At that specific moment, the doors open for the next floor. How fast would everyone else in the elevator flee for the door? Lightning-fast, right? Like, Usain Bolt-level fast, right? That was the entire stadium after Z-Bo's air ball. He basically took a dump on the 3-point line."

-Bill Simmons

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slang for "zombie" or reanimated human life

dude, these Z-Bo's are so fun to shoot at.

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An individual that has questionable humor that only the individual with the humor thinks it is funny.

Dylan S. is such a Z-Bo.

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