What is Ze?


Ze is a gender neutral pronoun. It refers to someone who does not fit into gender binary.

Ze is wearing such a cute shirt!


The...only it is used when peopel are trying to pull off a fake french accent

That was ze best crossiant ive ever had


A gender neutral word with the context of he or she; not meaning in the transexual form, but in the context of a simple neutral word

What did ze say to you?

I completely destroyed ze in a game of madden

See he, she, me, y, person


Gender neutral pronoun (gnp). Ze is used to refer to a person, in place of "it", (which refers to an object and not a person). "Ze" does not indicate sexual orienation.

Part 1: "Was it a boy or a girl?"

Part 2:"I dunno, ze was just walking down the street when I looked up. That's when my jaw dropped and I motioned for you to get out here."

See gnp, genderqueer


A gender neutral/ambiguous pronoun, paired with hir (pronounced "here"). The two usages below represent different takes on what it should be used for.

1)A pronoun for a person which makes no assumptions about a person's gender.

2)A pronoun for a person who does identifies outside of the gender binary, who prefers neither "he" nor "she".

1)What a hottie! I don't know what gender ze is, but I wonder if ze'll give me hir phone number.

If someone comes by looking for you, what should I tell hir?

2)Feinberg is probably most famous for hir 1993 book, _Stone_Butch_Blues_.

I completely destroyed hir in a game of madden.

See genderqueer, trans, hir, sie


Smart, intelligent, communicative and good looking girl. She loves working with children as well as helping other people. Her favorite subjects are Math, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus. She is a Senior Year Book editor and a School's News Paper editor.

Ze, I heart you so much.

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Very smart, sexy and hot girl. She loves small children, calculus and math. And maybe one more person. She is doing almost all sports, and she is in almost all clubs.

Ze, my Kiddo, I love you.

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