What is Zeliha?


A Zeliha is a girl who is obsessed with herself at times. When you are a Zeliha you do the following..

-Use the bathroom as a phonebooth.

-Drive a Mercedes.

-Stalk her Loved one.

-Wear tight pants that don't fit.

-Make her sisters lives torture.

-Have a stick up your "rear end".

-And trying to use the term "Durka Durka Muhammed Ghad". , but end up ruining it.

So, if you insist on being a "Zeliha" do the following and you are on your way to total and complete success.

Zeliha is calling him for the 1,654 th time today.

Zeliha's phonebooth is busy at the moment.

See attached, annoying, stupid, your mom


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