What is Zelin?


Zelin is the name for a guy that is a drama queen. He is also known as a cheap skate. He is often a bigger penny pincher than a jew. Sometimes a Zelin can resemble a young bitchy girl in attitude€. WARNING. He may want to give a fat bj to anyone within reach. He is the biggest piece of shit on earth.

zelin is also the name given to babies when they are born with their genitals still inside them

they never actually come out fully but by the age of 18 1 testicle might plop out

Girl1, Wow this kid is so annoying.

gilr2, is he a little bitch?

Girl1 Yeah the BIGGEST!

Girl2 This kid is a ZELIN!

Doctor1 Oh no this kid has no genitalia!

Doctor 2 It's a Zelin, give it about 18 years and he'll plop out a testicle

See bitch, ryan, justin, jew


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