What is Zenhex?


the best forum site on the internet

almost took over NewGrounds

hey theres a new thread on zenhex


A philosophical paradox or logical paradox. The contradiction that the greater sentience is a result of less brute force perception and information processing, and more transcending trained language based consciousness and object oriented concepts.

You overthink your problems and you are caught in a zen hex.

See zen


1) An alternate reality that is simply as real as the primary reality, with exception to the interaction by words instead of expressions.

2) The conglomeration of information by the masses of all ages in return for the appreciation of another's company.

3) An extention . . .

1) Today, I met April at the mall. Then, I went home and met Salina on zenhex.

2) You can go to zenhex in order to discuss different aspects of your religion.

3) I am a hexxor.

See hex, n00bs, zen, Goblin


I've spent countless hours on he hex. Zen gave me a one karma, and then Sugz was complaining about me being a hawt cheerleader. lol Love to both of them!!! I named my baby duck Zen. I have a major crush on Zen too... The best website out there. I like the Hex more than NewGrounds... To visit the hex or not to visit the hex. Silly question!!! Right now the hex is "experiencing database connection errors," which makes me oh so sad. It's not your fault Zen. I mean what other site fans would reload and retype a post 6 times just to be able to post? We hexxors would!!! I love you Zen!!!

To visit the hex or not to visit the hex is like "to breath or not to breath."


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