What is Zenis?


Same as kneenis.

The fleshy part of skin on the outside of your knee, similar to the wenis.

Guy to girl: Hey Rose, you wanna feel my zenis?

Girl to guy: Hey, do you like my zenis? Wanna touch it?

See kneenis, wenis, weenus, skin, verk


Zipper penis = zenis. The bulge on one's jeans, usually girls', caused by a lumpy zipper.

Ugh! These new jeans make me have an intense zenis.

See zipper, bulge, lump, jeans


(n) a female version of a male...er...part

My friend is a zenis.

See Alexa


A shorter form of the penis. Grown in large quantites by the "CREATOR" Zen.

1) Look at that guys "ZENIS"

2) I wish that guy would put away his "ZENIS".


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