What is Zeon?


Military power of outer space side 3 in the show mobile suit gundam. oh Btw they own!

"Sieg Zeon!"

Garma- "Char is r0x0rin it up wit da zeon, you be siegin dat?"

Gerin- "Word g funk money, now lets hit up earth wit dat bad azz invasiOn."

Garma- "w00t nigga."


A demon from the anime/manga series Konjiki no Gash that uses lightning as well as various forms of telepathy and the ability to create creatures out of strands of hair. Partnered to Dufaux and known for his strong hatred of Gash Bell, Zeon is also known for his cloak which is like "a living amoeba."

Zeon burned Ropes' book in Holand.

"I will defeat Zeon!"

Zeon hates Gash.

See demons


fuckin owning everything

"d00d I so zeoned that bitch"


"I seriously zeon your mom!"


to have sex with

to make love, have sex, bone, screw. etc

i totally zeoned with your mom

dude check out that chick i zeoned

See kristen


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