What is Zeph?



A very sexual name, Zeph(s) can seduce women without effort.

they're lives revolve subconsciously around the Laws of Attraction and are very talented people, with a very admiring sense of Fashion

Zeph(s) are often Beautiful people with minds alike. their "Strive for Excellence" ego has helped them become one of the highest form of Human beings,

like John Stamos

"Oh Zeph! wherefore art thou Zeph?!

let me be the palm on that hand so I may thou' touch thy' cock."

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A Cool Vampire Lord in Royolo

Zephiroth Ruansanchez D'Eralborow


an apocalyptic, hot, steamy discharge of air coming from one's anus, often reeking of shit.

d-vo i just zephed.

wallace what a total douche bag.

monson cock sucker


lymburn at least he didn't zeph on the floor.

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Horny internet type, commonly female

<zeph> Nick bend me over.

See Frank Zappa


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