What is Zera?


The one that everyone has been waiting for. The one that is the hindrance to the unjust and an asset to the oppressed. A sort of martyr, but not divine. The ultimate good that was thought to be impossible.

person A: You're crazy. You're one of those crazy ones. You can't change the world, there are too many checks and balances in place.

person B: I'm not crazy, I'm zera!

person A: Not even Hitler was able to change the world to his liking, and he came pretty close! You don't have the influence he had to even get yourself started!

person B: True, but Hitlet was an idiot. Think of of me as an intelligent Hitler, with the good intentions of MLK Jr., and the power of the commonfolk as a whole.

person A: Like I said, you're just a crazy, rambling idiot.

person B: Do I really have to repeat myself? I'm not crazy, I'm zera! As long as I set the example, people will follow. If they don't follow, then they will remain trapped by their blinded willpower and inability to stand up for themselves. If I don't stand up for my people, who will?

person A: And who are your people?

person B: Those who have been wronged by the very people they have chosen as their leaders. A real leader isn't selected, but self-made.

person A: So, like a dictator?

person B: Not really, just a very influential, natural-born leader who is fair, just, stands up for his people, and commands the utmost respect of all people ,for all people. His actions will speak for him, and the people will follow of their own free will; not because they have to, but because they want to.

person A: My, aren't you original?

person B: No, I'm zera.

See leader, paragon, martyr, example, justice, freedom, zero


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