Zero Day

What is Zero Day?


ZERO DAY was the code-word that two students used to describe the assault they planned for over a year, and which they finally executed on May 1st, 2001.

On that warm and beautiful spring day, Andre Kriegman and Calvin Gabriel, two students of Iroquois High School, walked onto to their campus with three semiautomatic weapons, a shotgun, a revolver, at least twenty explosive devices and several knives.

ZERO DAY, the movie, brings us into the world of best friends Andre and Calvin.

Self-named the "Army of Two" they used video cameras to record everything relevant to their final "mission." Their video diaries provide a window into their chillingly ordinary lives, and as we get to know them we become seduced by their intelligence, their humor, their directness, the inward and outward expressions of their adolescence, and their terrible single-mindedness.

Andre: Zero Day movie bro.. youtube/watch?v=pgRDWjafLm4

Calvin: O_O wow, we're brutal.

See made, in, response, for, columbine, o_o


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