Zero Mass Theory

What is Zero Mass Theory?


noun - Used in some Sci-Fi, the Zero Mass Theory is a theory that suggests there is a net total of zero mass in the universe. Although that seems impossible, its the mathematical veiw of the theory.

the actual theory is that there is positive matter and negative matter, and when the total negative and positive mass is added together, they cancel out to zero. This would go along with the Big Bang Theory. One unanswered question would be, "If there was nothing, then exploded into positive and negative matter, what caused this massive and mysterious disturbance in the universe?"

I have 2 plausible answers to that question. 1. God, or a "Higher Power" created this disturbance, or 2.) Some form of energy or abnormal object must have existed before the matter became. Neither is truely an explanation, just theories without evidence.

How does negative matter and positive matter interact? do that same Newton's Laws apply to them? Do they attract or repulse each other in space? When they touch, do they combine together into nothing? And if so, would they combine into energy, or would they absorb energy in their leave? Does negative matter have negative energy, or do they have the same energy? If different energy, hwo do they react to each others energy? Do magnets still have their effects?

Assuming this theory is true, would one side of the universe be negative? or would there be strange mixes?

I doubt if any real answers will be found in the next 1000 years, but I do hope some scientists take this into consideration as a theory.

Nathan: I was talking to Amber, then we started talking about the Zero Mass Theory, and she immediatly ripped my shirt off and asked me out, I was like "woah! rushing a bit don't you think?"

Jordan: Thats how you started dating her??????11


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