What is Zeus?


In Greek Mythology, Zeus was the god of gods. Well-known for controlling thunder & lightning, wearing a white robe and boasting a thick grey beard, kinda like my image of God.

"Zeus is not God, you pagan."


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The divine name of the leader of the ancient '''Greek''' pantheon; '''Not''' preserved by Roman Catholicism in the "Latin-derived bastardizations" of the Hebrew name Yeshua, and not adopted at all by Christianity.

The Hispanic pronunciation of Jesus is "hay-soos", because that is exactly how it looks to someone who speaks spanish.

Jesus in English is pronounced phonetically as well, which is why we say "jee-zuss", and any idiot who thinks the French ''je'' is pronounced "jee" needs to go back to high school.

In Greece they spell Zeus, ''Dias''


King of the Greek Gods, NOT God of the Gods. The other Greek Gods did not worship Zeus.

I am Zeus, King of the Greek Gods.

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the greatest of all of the Greek gods

Zeus was the god of the sky, and therefore ruled everything below him. So, he ruled everything. Except the Sun, the Moon, Tartaros (Hell) and the Sea.


The most bad ass of all gods. Represents all that is powerful, lightning, crushing people, victory, and swag. Zeus is patron god of seniors and almighty protector of Lance Armstrong.

Zeus kills with an all powerful fury.

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Slang for a ZSU 23-4. A Russian anti-aircraft weapons platform.

Watch out for a Zeus, they'll turn our planes into scrap metal.


1.) A male of any species that engages in sexual intercourse with otherwise inanimate objects and animals.

2.) A guy that will fuck anything.

Joe is such a zeus, just look at him go at with that dead possum!


Sexual act whereby the instigator inserts the index finger of one hand into an electrical socket while at the same time inserting the index finger of the other hand into the anus of another individual.

Dude, I gave your mom the Zeus and now she craps lightning.

Zeus (the).

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