What is Zhane?


a sexy female who knows how to work those corners she is great at sucking dicks thats why all of the males fall at her feet

bob:hey i just got my dick sucked

bill:by who

bob:here is a hint (she is so sexy)

bill: oh thats easy


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A very rare species of fox-like human. Often very well known in their area of residence. A Zhane often has many nicknames, such as Zhanimal, Treene, Zhagga and many others. Zhane's are amazing creatures, don't get me wrong. They often have a habbit of falling on their faces. They enjoy liberating phenomenon. Pronounced: Shar-nay or Jar-nay and NOT Zane.

Bob: "Oh wowzers, I hear there's a hip cool Zhane in town!"

Rob: "Yeah, I love Zhane's! Especially the ones the enjoy liberating phenomenon."

Bob: "You're a sick bastard."

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