What is Zidane?


1. the soccer star from the France team

2. to headbuttsomeone, like Zidane did during the final game against Italy in the 2006 Fifa Cup

Don't make me Zidane you bitch!

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To headbutt someone in the chest during a crucial moment.

Player 1: Give me the ball.

Player 2: No.

Player 1: Don't make me go Zidane on you.

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World's best footie player


The best soccer player to ever play the sport, the Algerian gave Arabs across the world a great name in soccer.

We love you ZIZOU

Zidane is the best to ever grace the pitch

Zidane can shoot

you're a pro if you can pass like Zidane


1. Head of Steel

2. A God

Zidane's lethal header into that unworthy italian player was amazing. It was hilarious to watch him fold down like a card table onto the grass.

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1. (verb) To hit someone in their centre of mass with one's head. Derived from the FIFA World Cup final between France and Italy, in which french player Zinedine Zidane headbutted (or "Zidaned") an italian player in the chest, arguably costing the French team the game. (Synonyms: headbutt)

2. (verb) To utterly defeat an opponent. (synonyms: pwn, own)

1. "In curling, it is illegal to Zidane players of the opposing team."

2. "I completely Zidane'd that newb at Counter-Strike."

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1) (name) Captain of the French National Football team during the World Cup 2006. Apparently has a sister involved in not-so-Catholic activities. We know nothing about his mother.

2) (verb) to zidane someone/something: Irrational act of head butting during a crucial moment and being caught in the act by a third-party.

3) (verb) to go zidane: Act of accusing people of saying "bad things" about you and your family and not having the balls of saying what those exact words are to the media, leaving millions of fans in limbo and frustrated.

Judge: Defendant how do you explain your actions?

Defendant: Your honour, I was full of rage. He said bad things about my momma. The only thing I can think of was to zidane him in the nuts.

Judge: What did he say exactly?

Defendant: Bad words. I can't repeat.

Judge: Don't you go zidane on me!!!

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