What is Ziegler?


During a multiplayer session of a fpsor first person shooter like Halo or Goldeneye, a Ziegler is a score of negative one (-1). To achieve such a score, a player must kill himself or his teammates more often than he kills his opponents.

First coined after one J. Ziegler exhibited a shameful performance during a multiplayer session of Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 after having advertised with considerable vigor his alleged superiority. Prophetically, it seems, the word "Ziegler" is of German origin, and literally means "bricklayer."

e.g. John played horribly...three Zieglers in a row.

or, in truly awful displays:

Tim thought he was good, but the best he could manage was a double-Ziegler.

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a german, who invented bricks as a structural design, the creator.

if it weren't for Ziegler

construction would be nothing.

A very wise confident family that never gives up.

when you are laying out bricks in order for them to stay stacked you must cast them. a Ziegler started this.

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Normaly found in southern shilo manitoba, This creature is very much like salad fingers (a cartoon that scares little children). When you see it you will most likley get the suddon urge to smash its face in with a saudering iron.

Person1: OMFG its a zeigler!! RUN!!!

Person2: *wets pants*


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