Zig Zag

What is Zig Zag?


cigarette paper used to role marijuana in, to make a joint

I need some more zig zags so that i can roll a J.


A French cigarette paper company, comes in different sizes. Sometimes referred to by color(I.E. Blues, oranges, whites.)

"Dude, i'm out of zig zag's"

"i'm going to the store. Did you want whites or oranges?"

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Zig-Zag is a popular brand of rolling papers that originated in France (#1 seller in USA as per industry publications). The Zig-Zag brand is used mostly on tobacco-related products such as cigarette rolling papers, cigarette tubes and accessories, though it could be used (albeit illegally in most countries) for marijuana products.

"A Colt 45 and two Zig Zags, baby that's all we need!" (Afroman)

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when the female wraps his leg around the girls naked body and humps excessively

Whoah, he totally zig zagged that girl last night!

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bare drugs enit bladda

u got the zig zag in your draws?!!!

blud dat bate!!!!!!!!

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crappy rolling papers, for the following reasons:

1) tiny

2) waaay thick

3) glue sucks

4) tear really easily

5) burn fast and irregularly

I honestly can't understand how this can be the standard rolling paper in the US (as seen in popular culture and 4 months I lived in Tahoe)... get some OCB or at least Smoking

Stoner #1: Dude, I just paid 70 bucks for an 8thof Blueberry, let's roll a jointwith these zig zags...

Stoner #2: Nah those suck, let's reuse some old toilet paper instead

Stoner #1: You're right, that'll burn better and at least then there's a reason for it to taste like shit

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An appropriate parent-friendly term for an African American

hey mom look at the zig zag

mom your acting like a zig zag

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