Zinc Finger

What is Zinc Finger?


A variation of the popular shocker techinique, in which the middle and index fingers are crossed to increase cuntal stimulation. For intermediate ZFers the thumb may be added for clitoral stimulation. Advanced users are encouraged to utilize the double barreled zinc finger*.

*Warning: Vaginal tearing or other injuries can be caused by unexperienced usage of the above techniques.

Jackington - Hey, did you hook up with that broad the other night?

Winston - Yeah, it was pretty sweet -

J - Zinc finger her?

W - pff, ZFin' is for pussies. I DB Zinc fingered the fuck out of her


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The act of retrieving a males cum from a girls vagina with a spoon placing your 2 fingers directly under the head of teh spoon.

My girl didn't want to get pregnant so she asked for a Zinc Finger.

See finger, fingering, vagina, chode


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