What is Zionazi?


Useful mix of the words 'zionist' and 'nazi' to compare the fascist mentality which has been passed down through the years by abuse of certain religions. The new religion in itself (zionism) being practised by mostly jews but also christians in the United States as of indoctrination from the old testament, as opposed to europe's great distancing between the two major religions. The current zionazi ideology has grown as a result of the nazi atrocities committed during the early part of the 20th century, and seems to have adopted many of its fascist ideas of ethnic cleansing, especially in Israel. In this holocaust memorial state and its surrounding areas (occupied Palestinian territories) you will find evidence of racism being practiced against the arabic speaking populations - even those who were born citizens of the state of Israel are regarded as 2nd class citizens. Segregation is the plan as is shown by the 'seperation barrier' (more of a segregation wall) designed to 'keep out suicide bombers' or more likely to keep muslims and jews seperated through apartheid of the former Palestinians by stealing their arab lands!

Zionist - "We are god's chosen people, Israel belongs to us from the river to the see according to our holy book!"

Nazi - "The aryans are the superior race, we must conquer europe and the rest of the world!"

Sound familiar zionazi? Of course not i'm "anti-semitic".

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a racist: word describing the state of Israel and its supporters. occupied by east european fascists, likely to offend the editors of urban dictionary anxious to appease their American net-sponsors

zionazi = we mustn't upset our hosts so we'll edit this out :)

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The combination of the words Zion and nazi; referring to the Askenazi, Hebrew for German Jew.

Nazi is a pejorative created by the Zionists to defame the German National Social political party.

thezionazireport/ ashkenazi

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Word used by sick, twisted hateful individuals who purport to support Palestinian Arabs' right to self determination but in essence desire the abolition of the one democratic jewish state in the world. These people tar all Israelis, and often, by extension, Jews and others who defend Israel's right to exist as "Zionazis" and equate the descendants of people who escaped true Nazi genocide with their oppressors. They often come up with lies such as "Israel is a racist state populated by East European fascists" and ignore the fact that more than half of Israel's Jewish population is composed of Jews who found refuge in Israel after centuries of living under Arab and Muslim rule throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. People who use the term "Zionazis" to describe Israelis and those who support Israel's right to exist are usually emotionally unstable twits who deliberately distort history and mistakenly believe they are supporting the Palestinian Arabs, who have been led by people more foolish than they, including the Mufti Haj Am in al Husseini, a Nazi collaborator.

All those Jews in campus who protested the resistance of Palestinian martyrs by blowing up Israeli civilians are Zionazis!

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